wechat mini apps-Ecomap: Tools account for 36% of service requirements - 书目录

wechat mini apps-Ecomap: Tools account for 36% of service requirements

On August 12th, Aladdin, the small program statistics platform, released the “2017 second quarter mini-program monitoring report.” According to the report, the mobile Internet’s traffic bonus will continue to flow in the second half of the year as the WeChat applet entry continues to open. It is expected that traffic will show a 7-fold increase in the fourth quarter compared to the first quarter, and high-frequency and low-frequency services based on aggregation of demand scenarios. Bear the brunt of being one of the commercial values ​​of small programs; as a new traffic portal, in addition to Internet companies as the main exploration, large traditional enterprises are also actively deploying applet applications.

In the second quarter 2017 mini-app index list, Mobike Cycling, Wang Card Application Assistant, Tencent Video, Pinto and Mushroom Street Women’s Outlets ranked in the top five. The monitoring data shows that in the Top100 list, the top three types of small programs are tools, retail, and life services. Among them, tools accounted for 36%, retail accounts for 11%, and living services accounted for 10%.

Since the small program was put on the line on January 9 this year, there has been continuous controversy. According to Liu Zan, chief analyst of Aladdin Data Research Institute, the small program currently presents tools centralized and decentralized. From the point of view of data presentation, the area where the Top applet is located concentrates on the just-needed, high-frequency, online+ offline applications, etc., reflecting the characteristics of the basic life scene. From the point of view of the commercial value of the applet, the attributes of the light application will make it a supplementary application of the head app, and will also replace the long tail app or the low frequency service app.